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Band Members

Tony Trunfio - Lead Vocals, Rythm Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Harmonica, Percussion

Don Johnston - Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Angelo Maddalena - Drums and Percussion

Albert Land - Bass, Mandolin, Vocals

Marco Masciale - Bass, Backing Vocals



How Did This Happen?

The story starts with an ad posting looking for a vocalist. At the time, Don was jamming with a couple of guys and looking for someone to come and and carry the vocals and just have some fun jamming. 

When Tony arrived at the Johnston residence at the scheduled time, there was no bass player present that day so Tony preceded to jam with Don and Ugly Dog original drummer, Steve.


The current bass player situation, however was not the right fit so another ad was posted and answered. Enter the Silver Bullet...


When Albert came in to jam with the guys he had the same fun loving attitude and the fit was right.


We continued to progress forward, though due to unforseen cirumstances, we weren't able to continue jamming with our good buddy and original drummer Steve any  longer. So the search was on for a new drummer. Enter the Animal...


As a teen, Tony used to jam with his older brother and a drummer named Angelo. Having recently run in to Angelo, Tony contacted him and asked him if was interested in coming out to jam with the boys. The chemistry was obvious, instant and extraordinary. The last piece of the puzzle was in place and the rest, as they say, is history.



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